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October 10, 2017

Start the new decade right.  Learn with PHLUSH. Volunteer with US! 

Our volunteer-powered virtual organization invites your contributions of time and talent. Here are our key issues for 2020.

  • The vulnerability of treatment systems to climate disruption. Wastewater treatment infrastructure is at risk of climate disruption and seismic activity. Septic systems are failing due to sea level rise and maintenance costs to owners.
  • All-user restroom design. The new, more interactive edition of the PHLUSH Public Toilet Advocacy Toolkit will be online and include a wealth of recent source materials.
  • Mobile hygiene for the houseless. Unhoused residents of North American cities can usually meet their food needs but not their hygiene needs. Working families camping on streets or in their vehicles are often just a shower away from unemployment or failure at school.
  • Code change for sustainable toilet systems. The legalization of dry toilet systems and nonpotable water reuse proceeds very slowly despite a wealth of research and needs related to housing shortages and the climate emergency.

Academically inclined? We’re looking for:

  • People who want or need to publish
  • Conference presenters
  • Writers of white papers
  • Sanitation educators
  • Training module developers

Communications expertise? We welcome:

  • Media campaign specialists
  • Op-ed writers
  • Bloggers with bylines
  • Social media folks
  • Graphic designers

Nonprofit management your thing? Nothing succeeds without:

  • Administrators
  • Accountants
  • Quickbooks users
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Committee chairs
  • Board members

As a PHLUSH volunteer, you’ll receive all relevant documents, names of contacts, personal emails, business cards, access to the PHLUSH G-suite Drive, and great online camradery.  Please get in touch.

Questions, comments, and suggestions about PHLUSH and this website are always welcome.

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Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH) 
1240 W. Sims Way #59, Port Townsend WA 98368    Phone: 503.984.4081   Fax: 503.227.4087

Header photos from left to right: PHLUSH in the Under the Autumn Moon Parade, 2007; The Portland Loo; PHLUSH Co-Founder Christopher Yarrow at opening of first Portland Loo, Dec 2008 (photo by the late Charles Maclean) Bicycle rack restroom sign; early PHLUSH information kiosk.

Our Mission Through education and advocacy, PHLUSH helps local governments and citizen groups to provide equitable public restroom availability and to prepare for a pipe-breaking seismic event with appropriate ecological toilet systems.

Our Vision Toilet availability is a human right and well-designed sanitation systems restore health to our cities, our waters and our soils.

Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH) was founded in Portland, Oregon and today collaborates with groups across North America.

PHLUSH is a member of the World Toilet Organization and a partner in the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance.

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